Sunday, February 26, 2012

Honeymoon Cruise - Richard Deming

Theme for the Week: Murder on The Seas

Story: Honeymoon Cruise
Author: Richard Deming
Source: Death Cruise - Crime Stories On The Open Seas, Murder on Deck.
Story Number: 57
'Richard Deming's tale of seduction and murder during a honeymoon cruise is a fine example of post-pulp magazine fiction that uses sexual tension to hook the reader. This story, written for Alfred Hitchcock magazine in 1966 is reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith's "The Talented Mr. Ripley; the story shows how easy it can be to toss one's scruples - and an inconvenient husband - overboard. A sense of inevitability propels "Honeymoon Cruise" to its ironic conclusion.' - Murder on Deck.
'Richard Deming's considerable contribution t short fiction includes almost 150 stories, of which "Honeymoon Cruise" is one of the best. ' - Lawrence Block.
Dan Jackson answers an ad placed for a navigational expert to pilot the Princess 2 on a Caribbean cruise and also double as a cook. The people taking the cruise: the newly married couple of Peggy and Arden Trader. The rest of the story deals with the strange chemistry between the 3 individuals on the boat, the seduction of Dan by Peggy and the fruitful plot to throw the husband overboard. Will they get away with it? Sure they do! and when the hullabaloo dies down, they get married and they themselves go away on a one month cruise. But is there a twist to it? Sure there is!

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