Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Deep Blue Sea - Ina Bouman

Theme for the Week: Murder on The Seas

Story: The Deep Blue Sea
Author: Ina Bouman
Source: Death Cruise - Crime Stories On The Open Seas
Story Number: 56
Ina Bouman lives and writes in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has written a few novels featuring Jos Welling, an inquisitive journalist with a social conscience and an open mind.
Melanie has won a free cruise in a surprise draw. The prize also includes a free flight to Singapore, from where the cruise starts; a 12 days cruise to the Pearls of the Orient. Melanie is surprised by her husband's decision to allow her to go on the cruise by herself; when most of the times he is always keeping a close eye on her.
She meets a lot of folks who are single on the ship - who are on the ship in pretty peculiar circumstances. On top of that, Melanie has a feeling that she is being watched. Then over a span of few days, there are several attempts on her life - which makes it clear that her husband has hatched up a plan to do away with her. Well, Melanie has had similar plans and she has poisoned the food which she has packed for her husband. A person who comes to the aid of Melanie on the ship is also bumped off! So will Melanie survive the 12 days on the claustrophobic ship? Who is the mysterious assailant among the passengers? Will Herbert fall prey to her wife's devious murder plans? The suspense builds up to a nice climax.

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