Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Hiatus

After my 4th movement in as many years, I'd the privilege to lay my hands on novels by GAD authors whom I'd never read before - namely J. J. Connington, E.R. Punshon, R.A.J Walling & Todd Downing. In addition to that was the availability of a few locked room novels which had been reviewed by the fellow bloggers. I had to give in to the temptation and abandon my quest for short stories for a while. Some of the novels that I've read over this period include:
J. J. Connington - The Brandon Case
J. J. Connington - Jack-in-The-Box
J. J. Connington - No Past Is Dead
J. J. Connington - The Four Defenses
J. J. Connington - Grim vengeance
Todd Downing - Vultures in the Sky
E.R. Punshon - Information Received
E.R. Punshon - The Dusky Hour
R. A. J. Walling - That Dinner At Bardolph's
R. A. J. Walling - Corpse Without A Clue
Jefferson Farjeon - The Judge Sums Up
Jefferson Farjeon - Shadows By The Sea
Darwin Teilhet - The Ticking Terror Murders
Darwin Teilhet - The Feather Cloak Murders
William Wiegand - At Last, Mr. Tolliver
Wallace Irwin - The Julius Caesar Murder Case 
David Duncan - Shade of Time
Luis Fernando Verissimo - Borges and The Eternal Orangutans
Fredric Brown - Death Has Many Doors
Q Patrick - Return To The Scene
Jonathan Stagge - Death My Darling Daughters
Not that I've not been reading any short stories over these past few months - I've definitely consumed plenty of them but nothing much to write home about. In the next couple of months, I'll be trying to get back on track - to pursue my original plan of completing 20 'Queen's Quorum' & 20 'Crippen & Landru' titles by the year end.


  1. Great to see you're back in action, Arun. What did you think of SHADE OF TIME? It's touted all over the internet and in Adey's book as an impossible crime novel but it really isn't one at all. Upsetting. I also have a problem with Duncan's homophobia and his misunderstanding of what a transvestite is. One of these days I'll post my thoughts on that book. Overrated, I think.

    1. I decided to read 'Shade of Time' after I read Robert Adey's essay in the Locked room special edition of Old-Time Detection. He includes this title in his list of
      44 best locked room mysteries. I was really enjoying this(including all the scientific banter) till I reached the conclusion - the anticlimax was a big disappointment. I felt the author had a really sound idea for a locked room mystery but he didn't really know how to implement it! The final turn of events to spring a surprise on the reader to say " I fooled you" didn't look convincing at all!