Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Hepplewhite Tramp - Arthur Train

Theme: Queen’s Quorum Titles
Story: The Hepplewhite Tramp
Author: Arthur Train
Source: Tutt and Mr. Tutt
It all starts innocently enough – a tramp is found asleep in the rich man Hepplewhite’s bed. The watchman calls for the police, the police arrest him for burglary and the tramp is waiting to be tried in court and then Mr. Tutt gets to hear about it and all hell breaks loose. Mr. Tutt comes forward to defend him and expose the overzealousness which the officers of the law exhibit in protecting the privileges and property of the rich. The district attorney’s office, which had no plans whatsoever to try the tramp find themselves cornered and find no alternative but to try him in court as Mr. Tutt has made it very political. Mr. Tutt also sues Mr.Hepplewhite for false arrest and the rich man who had no intention of appearing in court to testify, finds himself in a tricky situation of either prosecuting the tramp or pay the damages!
And so the case comes to court with everyone deciding to play out the drama to its expected fateful end of Mr. Tutt defending his client successfully! But Mr. Tutt is not the one to settle for a simple victory! He makes the police force look like a bunch of fools; he distresses Mr. Hepplewhite so much on the witness stand that he accepts to pay the tramp for all he was sued if the case is put to an immediate end, the judge wants to end this trivial case as early as possible; the prosecuting attorney has become a fan of Mr. Tutt’s antics and seems to be enjoying the drama; the jury knows very well as to what this case is all about and who is winning but Mr. Tutt is no mood to close the case! Absolutely funny and an absolute gem of an ending! J

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